Bon Voyage

The next time you are planning to travel, why not leave your pets where they're most comfortable - at home. You will be glad you did!

The One Source ensures the well-being of your pets and your home while you are away, and does so with respect, attentiveness, and loving care.

We provide pet care! Not just pet watching!

"Relax...Enjoy Life and Leave All Chores to Us!"

If you frequently leave town, you know the concern associated with leaving the house unattended. What if somewhere in the pluming there is a leak? What if your home is broken-in while you traveling? What if there is a serious storm or hurricane while you are away?

Your worries will end when you call The One Source House Sitters. We will check on your home as often as you tell us. We will check for leaks or perhaps break-ins, water your plants & flowers, pick-up your mail and air out your home, then we make sure all doors and windows are locked when we leave. If there are any concerns we will contact you immediately and take care of the problem as per your instructions. We make sure your home is fresh and safe upon your return.

If you have furry friends (pets), you also know the problems associated with finding a suitable boarding kennel, and then having to allocate time to drop them off and then picking them up. We have all heard horror stories from people who have left their furry friends at boarding kennels.

For a price comparable with a boarding kennel, you can leave your furry friend in the comfort of your own home, and have us take care of them for you. We will take them out for walks, feed your pets with fresh food and water, and respond to any medical problem if necessary.