Shopping - Errands

Give us you to-do-list and considered DONE!

Waiting Services
  • Waiting for repair services
  • Standing in line at the DMV
  • Waiting for deliveries
  • Waiting for the cable guy,
  • utility company or other
  • service personnel
  • Handling holiday returns
Parent’s Helper
  • Planning kids' parties
  • Retrieving forgotten lunches, homework, etc.
  • Shopping for back-to-school supplies

Let us run your errands for you!

We offer both grocery and personal shopping. We can handle those errands you can't find the time to do, like dropping off and picking up your dry cleaning or even attending to your personal banking needs.

Today life is simply too busy. Making time in the week to shop for groceries and run errands can be difficult. Take back your time and leave the shopping to us.

Business and personal errands Shopping services
  • Gift shopping & wrapping
  • Grocery shopping
  • Meal pickups and deliveries
  • Prescription drop offs and pickups
  • Post Office Runs
  • FedEx, UPS Runs
  • Banking
  • Dry cleaning drop offs and pickups
  • Floral deliveries
  • Drug Store Runs
  • Function & Vacation Planning
  • Not in the List? Just Ask!

Help For Busy Parents!

happens to the best of us. In the mad dash out of the house in the morning, something gets left behind, the kids' lunch, homework, gym clothes or a school project. But now that you've found My Errand Girl, a forgotten lunch doesn't have to equal being late for work. I'll retrieve those forgotten items for you and deliver them to the kids at school. I also offer other time-saving services to busy parents like party planning and back-to-school shopping. Sound good? Let's talk!